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    One of the nation’s best-known charities is paying disabled workers as little as 22 cents an hour, thanks to a...
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    This is disgusting.
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    This is so fucked up, and so is the “reasoning” behind it. Instead of these charities advocating for employment...
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S.U. Disability Cultural Center Blog Guidelines

This blog strives to:

1. provide an online space primarily for S.U. students with and without d/Disabilities and d/Disability identities to share their perspectives
2. empower all members and allies of d/Disability communities at S.U., as well as within the greater Syracuse community and the world, to interact with each other in "virtual" discussions
3. present a forum for an array of opinions, including but not limited to those presented by students, faculty, staff, and community members with and without d/Disabilities and d/Disability identities
4. identify and respect the intersectionality of issues related to ableism and other forms of oppression
5. create a welcoming environment for all people
6. celebrate the diverse abilities, bodies, minds, and experiences of people with and without d/Disabilities and d/Disability identities

Blogging Protocols

1. All content must be approved by the moderator(s), and may be removed if deemed offensive.
2. We welcome an array of opinions, as long as they demonstrate an understanding of and a respect for the blog guidelines, *and* reflect the overall mission of the Syracuse University Disability Cultural Center (DCC)
3. Bloggers are strongly encouraged to review “About the Disability Cultural Center,” below (which explains the DCC’s mission), before submitting any and all blog posts.
4. By agreeing to become a blogger, the author/artist understands that their materials may be used by the DCC within a blogging format, and otherwise (e.g., via other Social Media, for public relations purposes, etc.).
5. Bloggers who wish to remain anonymous may do so.

About the Disability Cultural Center at Syracuse University

DCC email address: sudcc@syr.edu

DCC website: http://sudcc.syr.edu

DCC on Facebook: www.facebook.com/sudcc

DCC on Tumblr: http://disabilityculturalcenter.tumblr.com/

DCC on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/DisabilityCultureSU

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